Inspiration after London

While the organisers behind Britain’s team at next month’s Paralympic Games are hoping that the sporting performances will inspire a better world for disabled people, research shows people were more motivated to get active after the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

The study by Grass Roots for Leonard Cheshire Disability, found that almost half of people surveyed during and after the London 2012 Paralympics, were inspired to get into exercise and sport because of the Games.

Over half believed the Paralympic Games would contribute to positive changes in non-disabled peoples’ attitudes about disabilities. A quarter said that they believed the Games would motivate more disabled people to get involved in sport, while 12% thought the Paralympics would result in better accessibility.

The survey also found that over a third admitted to never having been involved in sport or exercise before the Paralympics. But a promising 36% said they had been inspired to get active since watching the Games.


Rio 2016 Paralympic Games: A new world

This year’s Paralympic Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, from 7 September to 18 September 2016. There will be 176 countries competing in 528 events across 23 sports, including two new sports that have been added this year, canoeing and the triathlon.


Human beings too

The British Paralympic Association (BPA) are the organisers behind the British team at this year’s Games. They are hoping that the inspirational impact of the Paralympics will help to deliver real and lasting change in society.

Their aim is that through watching the medal winning exploits of Britain’s Paralympians in Rio, non-disabled people will be encouraged to engage with disabled people.

The BPA also wants people to see that the Paralympians are not just superhumans, but are human beings first, just like everyone else. They are human beings with an impairment that prevents them from being able to do the same things as non-disabled people. So while they may have overcome adversity to be able to compete in the Games, they still face many challenges every day.


Yes we can!

The message behind this year’s Channel We’re The Superhumans advert for the Paralympic Games is inspired by three simple words – ‘Yes we can’. The three minute advert changes disability into ability, showing how an array of different people have not let disability stop them from achieving their dreams. The TV broadcaster hopes that their advert will redefine how people see Paralympic sport and also people living with an impairment.

Hopefully the 2016 Paralympic Games will not just inspire people with disabilities to take up a sport, but it will inspire them to enjoy their independence too. Living with a disability, should not stop anyone from enjoying the freedom of being able to go wherever they want. Hiring a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) is a great way to get around and allows you the freedom of travelling in comfort and safety. Gowrings Mobility have a wide range of WAVs available to hire for long or short periods. You can find out more by calling us on 0845 608 8020, 01635 588942 or contact us online.


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