Gowrings Mobility and RAC Warranty Claims Department

During this exceptional period, for however long it may be, the Coronavirus shut down may cause delays in components being available to repair your vehicle.

In the interest of all our customers who have purchased a used from us and still have a RAC Warranty (82 Point Check) in place here is some advice on what to do if your vehicle develops a fault.

In the first instance (as soon as possible) please contact the RAC warranty Claims Team on 0330 100 3728.

Please ensure that you have all your details available

* Name, Address and Telephone Number
* Your Vehicle Registration Number and/or you RAC warranty Agreement Number
* The current mileage of your vehicle
* The date the fault occurred
* Details of the fault

Your RAC Claims Team will register the claim, then you can contact us at Gowrings Mobility on 0345 608 8020 and we can give you an idea of the availability of repair times and spare parts. RAC might also be able to help with arranging the repair depending on the current situation and availability.

Don’t be caught out by not claiming and finding out that your RAC Warranty Agreement has expired. It is important to be aware of the period of cover so that you register any fault that may be covered by the agreement before the warranty expiry date.

Many thanks and stay safe and well

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