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GowringsVersa Mobility has long been renowned as an innovative leader in Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) conversions. With a rich history spanning over 50 years and as a founding member of the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Converters Association (WAVCA the body responsible for setting industry safety standards), we fully understand the challenges people with disability face, especially when it comes to transportation.

Although a WAV may not be the vehicle, you have always dreamed of purchasing, it gives you the freedom to travel with continued independence, so you can focus on the things that really matters in life. So, in the unlikely event that there is a problem with your vehicle, our conversion warranties should give you peace of mind and keep you protected.

GowringsVersa Mobility used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Conversion Warranty on New and Used Vehicles

This agreement is for the maintenance and repair of your vehicle conversion only.

The words or expressions detailed below have the following meaning that appear in this service contract.

We/us/Shall mean GowringsVersa Mobility, whose registered address is: Daytona Drive, Thatcham, RG19 4ZD
You/your/yourselfShall mean the person named on the agreement form as being the registered keeper.
Service contractThe service contract is a contract of services between you, the legal owner of the vehicle as named on the vehicle registration document and the administrator. It is a contract for services that covers the conversion for sudden and unexpected mechanical breakdown as defined by the Period of Cover, provided when sold, and the repair request limit as detailed on the agreement form.
This service contract is not an insurance product.
This service contract does not affect your legal rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.
AdministratorRegistered Office of Gowrings Mobility Group Ltd: Daytona Drive, Thatcham, Berkshire RG19 4ZD
GowringsVersa is a trading name of Gowrings Mobility Group Ltd
Registered company number 1370355
Repair requestThe process you need to follow to notify us that your vehicle has experienced a sudden or unexpected mechanical breakdown.
Repair request limitIs the maximum amount that can be provided on each individual repair request exclusive of VAT as stated on the warranty form. The maximum amount that can be provided under the service contract during the period of cover is limited to the purchase price of the vehicle in aggregate.
Agreement formConfirmation of the vehicle, the service contract holder’s details, service contract duration, type of cover selected and repair request limit applicable.
Consequential lossAny other costs which are directly or indirectly caused by the event, which led to your repair, request unless specifically stated in this agreement.
BettermentIs a contribution from the service contract holder where the repaired vehicle ultimately will be in a better condition or have a better value than it enjoyed immediately prior to the repair request.
Labour ratesShall mean what a vehicle repairer can charge by the hour to cover their labour costs, subject to the maximum labour rate stated on your agreement form.
Mechanical breakdownShall mean internal failure which is hereby defined as the actual and sudden mechanical failure or breakdown of an item listed under the ‘What is Covered’ section which results in the sudden stoppage of its normal functions and which necessitates repair or replacement to resume those functions. Failure or breakdown, which ultimately results from wear and tear is excluded from the scope of cover afforded by this service contract.
Period of coverThe service contract commences on the date shown on the agreement form or with new vehicles on the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty period. The duration of your service contract is also stated on the agreement form.
Territorial limitsEngland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.
Wear and tearThe gradual deterioration associated with normal use and age of the vehicle and its components.

Please read this service contract carefully and keep it safe along with the agreement form. You will need these documents should you need to make a repair request. If you do have any questions about this service contract you should in the first instance contact the administrators. The contact details are:

Customer services: 0345 608 8020

Email:  aftercare@gowringsversa.co.uk

Calls may be recorded for quality assurance and compliance.

GowringsVersa Mobility New and Used Conversion Warranty

As part of the agreement, we include replacement or repair due to failure of certain parts relating to, and including the conversions of the wheelchair accessible vehicle.  A failure is a failure of a component to perform a normal function. The agreement also includes repairs due to a breakdown. A breakdown is a failure of a component, which results in the immobilisation of the converted vehicle.


It is the intention to give you the best possible service but if you do have any complaints regarding the sale of this service contract, about the service or the handling of a repair request you should in the first instance contact the After-sales Manager by phone, email or letter.

The contact details are:
Address: GowringsVersa Mobility Daytona Drive, Thatcham, RG19 4ZD
Tel: 03432 271 499
Email: aftercare@gowringsversa.co.uk

Please ensure your registration number is quoted in all correspondence to assist in an efficient response. The above complaints procedure is in addition to your statutory rights as a consumer. For further information about your statutory rights contact your local authority Trading Standards Service or Citizens Advice Bureau.

In the event that we cannot resolve a complaint to your satisfaction, you may contact The Motor Ombudsman.

The contact details are:
Address: The Motor Ombudsman, 71 Great Peter Street London, SW1P 2BN
Tel: 0207 344 1651
Web: themotorombudsman.org/contact


DO NOT proceed with conversion repairs until the repair request has been approved by GowringsVersa Mobility or the RAC.

If the vehicle Conversion shows signs of an imminent failure, DO NOT continue to use it. This may aggravate the problem and cause greater damage for which we will not be liable. The cause of the problem will need to be verified to ensure it’s covered by the GVM and/or RAC warranty.

We will not pay for any stripping down of the vehicle or parts to determine the cause of the failure unless we accept the repair request. The most we will pay in total is restricted to the repair request limit as noted on the agreement form for a single repair request and up to the vehicle purchase price in total.

Please note: Repairer must be VAT registered

Your repairer must telephone the Aftercare Department on 0345 608 8020 with the following information:

  • Service contract number
  • Service contract holder’s name
  • Current mileage
  • Nature of repair request
  • Service history (if applicable)

If the failed component is listed under this service contract you must obtain authority from GVM or RAC before commencing any repairs.

Admission of liability is conditional on the terms and conditions of this service contract being adhered to, for example, servicing.

When repairs are approved a repair request number will be issued for the repairs to be carried out.

Please Note:

On occasions when a third party repair request is approved it must be paid by bank transfer to the agreed payee so please include your bank details when sending in your documents.

Repair request documentation must be received by the Claims Department within 7 days of completion of repairs, otherwise, they cannot be accepted. Repair requests received beyond this date will be subject to review in terms of the reason for the delay and it shall be at the discretion of the company to accept such repair requests. VAT on repairs covered by the service contract is not reimbursed where you are VAT registered.

Important Note:

You are covered only for the parts described in this service contract.

You are covered up to the repair request limits shown on the agreement form or any lower limit that may be specified within this service contract. We may insist that your repairer use exchanged or reconditioned parts to effect a repair.

If the part to be replaced has some wear or the part improves the general condition or value of the vehicle, you may be required to pay a specified amount towards the improvement. Please refer to the section of your service contract under the terms and conditions section.

The administrator cannot agree to any repair request without providing a repair request number. The repairer should not start any repairs without this number. Please quote your repair request number every time you contact us about your repair request and make sure the repairer includes this number on his invoice.

This section details the terms, conditions and exclusions of this service contract:

The Company will not pay more than the initial agreed amount with the repairer. If this increases then the repairer must contact GVM for written authorisation before proceeding with the repair.

No liability will be accepted for any repair request that is reported to the administrator more than 14 days after the relevant fault is discovered.

No repairs may be carried out under the service contract until the administrator (GVM) provides a repair request number for those repairs.

No liability shall exist in respect of parts supplied, repairs carried out or any other repair request under this service contract other than repair requests in accordance with the procedures set out in this service contract booklet. The administrator reserves the right to provide replacement parts and to carry out repairs under this service contract or to arrange for their provision by other persons.

Authorised repairs must be completed within 7 days of the approval issue date. Repair request documentation must be received by the repair request department within 7 days of completion of repairs, otherwise, they cannot be accepted.

The maximum repair requests in aggregate we will pay during the period of cover is up to the purchase price of the vehicle as stated on the agreement form.

GVM reserves the right to examine the vehicle and failed part and to subject them to expert independent assessment to determine the amount to be paid in respect of a repair request. This will be subject to the repair request limits and the terms and conditions of your service contract.

The mileage quoted at the point of the issue being reported does not guarantee this is the true distance the vehicle has covered and the mileage should be disregarded. Your service contract excludes any liability for death, bodily injury or loss of or damage to property other than the listed components or loss of use or any consequential loss of whatsoever nature.

No liability will be accepted for damage caused by:

  • Neglect
  • Corrosion
  • Water Ingress
  • Any foreign matter getting into or onto a part
  • Lack of servicing
  • Over-heating or freezing
  • Abuse
  • Damage to parts not covered by this service contract

No liability will be accepted for: parts that have been fitted incorrectly, the effects of poor repairs, faults or defects at the time of the sale, parts that have been made or designed badly, parts not fitted as standard or optional extras by the manufacturer, unless cover for such items is agreed beforehand.

The administrator may declare void any service contract where the agreement form does not correctly show the exact vehicle type, model, age and mileage. If you give incorrect information on the agreement form, your service contract may be void, or at the administrator’s option, allowed to continue subject to the payment and receipt of any additional fee that may be required to reflect the correct information.

If you have not kept to the conditions of the service contract, you agree that your repair request will be rejected and that your service contract will be cancelled.

If you or a repairer makes a false or dishonest repair request, your service contract will be cancelled and legal action may be taken against you.

In the event of a repair request the administrator reserves the right to call for a contribution from the service contract holder for betterment should the repaired vehicle ultimately be in a better condition or have a better value than it enjoyed immediately prior to the repair request.

You cannot change the terms and conditions unless you have written agreement from GowringsVersa Mobility.

If you are in breach of any of the terms of this service contract, the administrator may cancel this service contract by giving 14 days’ notice by recorded delivery to the last known address of the service contract holder.

No liability will be accepted for any consequential loss or damage to parts not covered by this service contract where consequential loss is caused by a covered part.

GVM reserve the right to amend the service contract details from each renewal year.

If GVM accepts that there is a repair request under this service contract but there is a disagreement in respect of the amount to be paid, the disagreement will be referred to an independent arbitrator. In these circumstances, the arbitrator’s award must be made before there is any right of action against the Company.

The Terms and Conditions and application details will be read as one contract. A word or expression to which a specific meaning has been attached will keep the same meaning wherever it appears unless specifically stated otherwise. A particular word or phrase, which is not defined will have its ordinary meaning.

Non-Disclosure, Misrepresentation or Misdescription – this service contract is voidable if you or anyone acting for you fails to disclose, misrepresents or misdescribes any material fact.

If the administrator voids this service contract, they will void it in its entirety and no cover will apply.

Should the vehicle be involved in a total loss claim via your own motor policy, this service contract will become void and no refund will be offered.

No liability will be accepted for any repair request if at the time of the reported failure, the vehicle is being used in contravention of the current legislation with regards to MOT, Vehicle Excise Duty (Road Tax) and Motor Insurance.Unless specifically agreed otherwise, the law that will apply is English law.

If your vehicle is found to be fitted with any mobility aid or conversion option which was not fitted by GVM then your service contract may be void.

GVM and/or the RAC cannot be held liable for loss of use and reimbursement of transport costs/courtesy vehicles will not be made.

If your vehicle is found to be fitted with any form of fuel tamper device then your service contract will be void.

The Company shall not be liable for any repair requests arising thereby or indirectly caused or contributed by or in consequence of a loss;

  • Overheating, corrosion or the gradual reduction in operating performance commensurate with the age and mileage covered by the vehicle.
  • Routine servicing maintenance or repair of the vehicle or from negligence, abuse or wilful damage.
  • The subjecting of the vehicle to a load greater than that permitted by the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Fire, self-ignition, lightning, earthquake, explosion, frost, storm, tempest, flood, water damage, theft or attempted theft aircraft or other aerial devices or articles dropped therefrom or any extreme cause.
  • Any road traffic accident, collision or fire damage; including total loss of the vehicle.
  • Involving components subject to recall or repair or replacement by the manufacturer or attributable to a manufacturer’s design defect.
  • Directly or indirectly caused by or arising out of war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection or military or usurped power, riot, civil commotion, strikes, lockout, confiscation or detention by customs or other officials or authorities, malicious intent or vandalism.
  • Any ancillary components or equipment not listed under the “What is covered” section.
  • Mechanical breakdown due to lack of hydraulic fluids, grease or oils.
  • Investigatory or remedial work commenced before authorisation by the administrator.
  • Costs incurred in routine servicing or repairs.
  • Any parts, which have not failed but have been reported as requiring replacement during routine servicing and/or repairs or at the time of when a service contract repair is in progress.
  • Liability, which attaches to the service contract holder by virtue of an agreement but which would not have attached in the absence of such agreement.
  • Any liability for death, bodily injury or loss of or damage to property other than the covered components or loss of use or any consequential loss of whatsoever nature.
  • Non-compliance with the conditions relating to the servicing of the vehicle.
  • Any faults of defects deemed to have been present at the time of service contract inception.

2 Year RAC Warranty & 12 Months Roadside Assistance

When purchasing a WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle) for personal use a minimum of 2 Years Warranty will be provided either through the balance of the original vehicle Manufacturer’s Warranty, RAC Warranty or GowringsVersa Conversion Warranty or a combination.

The RAC 24 month warranty only  applies only applies to used retail WAV’s where specifically indicated on individual listings for private use (non-commercial).

Warranties on other vehicles such as taxis or private hire vehicles, will include a standard 6 month RAC warranty and 6 month GowringsVersa Warranty.

Please ask for details via individual vehicle listings.



*12 months Complimentary RAC Roadside Assistance & Breakdown
Your membership will automatically renew each year on a continuous basis using the payment details you gave the RAC when activating your cover. If you do not specify what level of cover you require, you will automatically renew on the same cover level as your complimentary period. No cash alternatives available. 12 months complimentary breakdown cover cannot be activated while in a breakdown situation. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and may be withdrawn at any time. Offer is not available to existing RAC members and does not include commercial vehicles.


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