It’s the dream of every #Spice Girls’ fan to see the group live on their reunion tour. But for one young fan, it seemed that getting to the concert would be impossible. Until Gowrings Mobility stepped in to help.

Spice Girls fans all around the world were delighted to hear the group would be reforming for a reunion tour. Geri, Mel B, Emma, and Mel C reunited this year for a long-awaited 14-day concert tour. Like many fans across the country, Jade Almond and her mum snapped up tickets and were looking forward to seeing the show at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium.

But earlier this year, everything changed for Jade, 16, and her family. A former Wigan Athletic Ladies goalkeeper, Jade had already had to bravely battle to walk again. After hitting her head in 2018, Jade developed a rare brain disorder, FND. But following seven months of intensive physiotherapy, Jade was finally able to walk again. However, earlier this year, Jade was left paralysed once again after the car she was travelling in was hit by another vehicle. Since the crash, Jade has had to return to the specialist rehab in Sheffield and once again start an intensive course of treatment.

“Gowrings Mobility Helped Me Keep My Promise”

But despite everything she had been through, Jade was adamant she still wanted to see the Spice Girls show. Jade’s mum Michelle promised her she would do everything she could to get her and her sister there. But as she started making phone calls, Michelle soon realised it wasn’t going to be an easy task.

“I must have phoned everywhere I could think of, but no one had anything suitable available. I needed a wheelchair accessible vehicle (#WAV), but it seemed that I was going to have to spend up to £400 just to get us there and back,” said Michelle.

That was until she phoned Gowrings Mobility. “I rang expecting the same response that I had had from everyone else. “Sorry, we can’t help.” But when I called and explained our situation, they were keen to do whatever they could to help. I couldn’t believe it.”

“And they didn’t just send us a wheelchair accessible vehicle to try,” Michelle added. We were picked up at Jade’s rehab centre in Sheffield and driven all the way to and from Manchester. It was wonderful.”

“Given Us Confidence to Do More”

“The show was amazing, it was perfect. I can’t stop smiling about it. Since the accident, we’ve not been able to do anything like this. In fact, I couldn’t have even imagined travelling for two hours to go to a music concert. But I’m so glad we did and I’m so glad I made that call to Gowrings Mobility.

“As Jade’s mum, it’s helped me to feel much more confident about taking her to places in her wheelchair. In fact, I’m determined that we will get a wheelchair accessible vehicle now. It was so simple to put the wheelchair into the van and secure it. Jade had a very comfortable journey. “

And although Jade, her mum and her sister left the concert before the last song, they didn’t miss out. “To avoid the traffic, I was keen for us to leave a little early,” explained Michelle. “But unfortunately, it was before the last song, which was also Jade’s favourite – Wannabe. But when we got back to the van, Steve, the Gowrings Mobility’ driver said he wanted to make sure that Jade got to hear it. So, we sat in the van with the windows open, listening to the song. It was like having our own private concert. The whole experience was superb. I can’t thank Gowrings Mobility enough for this amazing gift.”

Supporting Jade on Her Journey to Recovery

Lorraine Farnon from Gowrings Mobility said: “All of us here at Gowrings Mobility were delighted to help Jade and her family get to the concert. After everything Jade has been through, making sure she could travel safely and comfortably in one of our wheelchair accessible vehicles was the very least we could do. We were so thrilled to hear that Jade, her mum and sister all had a great time.”

If you would like to support Jade and donate towards the costs of her rehabilitation, please visit:

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