We have recently relaunched our conversion on the new Renault Trafic Passenger. It’s an ideal vehicle for both families and
transport operators because of its flexible size and interior space.

The Trafic is an excellent performer on the road; easy to drive, fuel efficient and offers a smooth driving experience.

Recently, to our delight, we were approached by our Brand Partner, Renault, to publicise our new conversion
in their magazine and relevant UK automotive magazines. We happily agreed.

To get the ball rolling, a photoshoot of our new Trafic conversion was organised in December 2022.  It was a rather
chilly day and the shoot lasted quite a few hours. Rain was always threatening but luckily for us it didn’t dampen the day!

Below are just a few images from the photoshoot.

You can read Renault’s full article here in Vanfleetworld.

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