Do you see any of these on your dashboard?

What is a diesel particulate filter and why does my car have one?

A DPF captures soot from diesel cars to reduce emissions. It burns off excess soot when full, preventing the black smoke seen in older diesels.

How do I tell if my diesel particulate filter is becoming clogged?

An orange dashboard light indicates a clogged DPF. Check your vehicle’s handbook for the specific icon.

What causes a diesel particulate filter blockage?

Short, low-speed drives are the primary cause of DPF blockages.

What should I do if the DPF warning light comes on?

If the DPF warning light illuminates, it suggests that the diesel particulate filter is full and needs to regenerate.

To effectively maintain and address this, take your vehicle on long, high-speed drives, preferably on motorways, as this facilitates the regeneration process where the filter burns off accumulated soot. Ideally, these drives should last between 30 to 50 minutes to ensure the exhaust reaches the required temperature for efficient soot removal.

If you ignore it.

Continuously slow driving will lead to ‘restricted performance mode’.

What do I do if the regeneration of my diesel particulate filter does not work?

If the DPF warning light continues to stay on, turns red or an additional DPF light comes on then immediately contact your local main dealer for assistance or GowringsVersa Mobility aftercare, who
will advise the closest repairer. Information sourced from an article by the RAC. For the full article, scan the QR code below or visit

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