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Thanks to the Gowrings team, Kyle can now travel to infinity and beyond!

Kyle is 9 years old and battles with a rare condition called Trisomy13. He requires 24 hour care which his family provide along with the constant support of Woody, Buzz Lightyear and every character in the Toy Story film – Kyle loves Toy Story!!.

Kyle even has his bedroom decorated and themed with Toy Story. The film has been a constant in Kyle’s life since he was a baby so the Gowrings team decided to add a bit more magic when they delivered his new bright green Vauxhall Vivaro adapted and fitted to their own specifications – who better to present the vehicle but Woody himself!

Kyle’s mum Kerryann said “Gowrings went out of their way to ensure we got the car we needed – they had thought of everything and we couldn’t have asked for a better service and the Woody character being there made Kyle’s day”

Kerryann added “The difference it has made to all our lives is huge – the new vehicle (which we have called Buzz – obviously!) helps us enjoy outings as a family rather than just a trip in a van!”

The car was delivered before Xmas which was a great surprise for the family especially as the intended delivery date had been March 2018.

Kerryann summed it up – “The car was for him and if Kyle is happy then so are we!!”

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The all-new GowringsVersa Caddy 5