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UK’s top 5 wheelchair accessible cities

When you have a disability, visiting a new place can feel like an epic planning project. In fact, being able to go anywhere can all come down to the very smallest detail that many other people take for granted. But while the UK has a good general level of accessibility, one city can be very different to the next.

But things seem to be changing at last and cities across the UK are making themselves more accessible wheelchair users. Here are five of England’s most accessible cities worth visiting.


This is a city that lots of people visit because of its historical interest. Although the city can be hilly, there are alternate routes to most popular spots. And there is also the option of hiring a Shopmobility scooter if this would help. The cathedral is wonderful to visit, and completely accessible thanks to the selection of ramps and lifts that are available. With so many cultural places to visit, while also offering many accessibility options, it is a great place to visit.


Many people assume that because York is a historical city it won’t be accessible. But this is actually far from the truth. There’s a RADAR key available at the Information Centre to access excellent disabled toilet facilities, and many buildings have ramps allowing easy access. You have many entertainment options including visiting the Minster, York’s Chocolate Story, or the National Railway Museum – all of which are accessible.


Accessibility is a priority in Exeter, with the Princesshay development being built with this in mind. The main shopping centre in the city is fully accessible, and with a range of shops and restaurants available here there really is something for everyone. There are a choice of exhibitions and live shows for you to enjoy, and the Shopmobility scheme makes it even easier than before to get around. Getting around this city will be an absolute joy.


Everyone knows about the history of Chester, and this makes it a popular place to visit. The majority of the city centre is suitable for both wheelchairs and scooters, and you even have the choice of going slightly out of the centre and visiting Chester Zoo – which you will be able to travel around with ease, and have the option of taking a carer with you for free, too.


Bath’s Roman history makes it a popular place to visit, and there is absolutely no need at all for disabled visitors to miss out. The Information Centre is the best place to start, to get ideas about what to visit, and you can look forward to seeing many top attractions including the Victoria Art Gallery and the Roman Baths without having to worry about accessibility being a problem.

No matter where you would like to go, there are plenty of choices in the UK that are accessible to wheelchair users. This is great news, and hopefully, the rest of the country will soon catch up, too.


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